Directional Sound

Targeted audio messaging to specific operators is an important means of communicating pertinent content so that it may be acted upon quickly. Unlike the isolating properties of headphones, directional speakers allow for the operator to be able to interact within the environment but clearly discern critical specifically-directed messages. The audio is heard by only the intended recipient without disturbing neighboring operators. The intelligibility is flawless, crucial to the operator's ability to make instantaneous, educated decisions.


Live video feeds and PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) capabilities provide incomparable real-time data that completes a thorough and accurate situational picture. Having not only access, but control of the video feed allows the viewer to gauge the nature and severity of a potential threat as it occurs. Whether internal or external, they are able to gather a complete understanding of the event and act accordingly. First responders are able to react according to real-time intelligence, enabling the best possible outcome to a potential threat and video may be recorded for post-event evaluation/investigation. CriticalSpace will help assess your monitoring needs and provide solutions to address your threats.

Video Display Walls

Large screen video display walls and other high-resolution display devices are utilized in most of the mission critical facilities we work within to support a common operating picture (COP). Designed to enhance situational awareness in and around the operations center, accuracy and resolution are vital for quick interpretation of data. Critical Space Solutions offers extensive expertise in designing a video experience, based upon the content required to be evaluated, to address your needs. Our visualization offerings include the latest in: Immersive Displays, Power Walls, Caves 2D & 3D Visualization High Definition/Hi-Resolution 4K displays Tiled Video Walls

Multitouch Solutions

Multitouch solutions and video walls can provide an easy and simple interface for small groups to work in a visual environment from command and control to leadership huddle rooms.

Signal Isolation/Multi Classification Solutions

In the most stringent and secure environments, our users demand proven secure and accredited solutions for switching multi classification audio, video, KVM and serial signaling. From simple to complex, Critical Space Solutions has designed and implemented secure multi classification solutions. From concept to completion, we can design the advanced visualization solution to suite your needs. Comprehensive drawings and renderings allow for a complete understanding of the scope of your environment and our engineered solutions.


By deploying advanced data analytics solutions in data interrogation and correlation, operators can better understand situations, before or as they happen. These applications become an aid to the operator and can greatly reduce the amount of time it takes to respond to a building crisis. Further, Critical Space Solutions and its software partners are working to mitigate risks by detecting trends that may lead to catastrophic events, even before they happen.

Custom Software Solutions

Using a software suite’s API, Critical Space Solution’s software development team is able to provide a custom integration between platforms, regardless of manufacturer, to provide a streamlined user-inspired and simple interface that utilizes the features and functionality in each platform from a unified interface. Providing this level of integration between platforms can provide as little or as much automation and intelligence into the visualization platform. Our solution-centric, manufacturer agnostic approach to developing solutions utilizes both commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) components such as servers, PCs, switches, and software, as well as purpose built appliances and software to develop the most functional and cost effective solution to reduce implementation and O&M costs. We leverage Enterprise Architecture resources as necessary.


Our turnkey solutions are based on a "four-wall" approach, designing everything from the carpet up to achieve the maximum in ergonomic design and functionality while maintaining the desired level of aesthetics. Working to optimize the "human factor" we carefully factor in acoustics, color and circadian rhythms with respect to the operator, knowing that every element is a crucial factor when responding to critical data. Placement and dissemination of vital audio and visual data are also extremely important and factored into the overall design.


As part of our turnkey room solution, our key deliverable is a full set of as-builts and CAD renderings to demonstrate exactly how the space will look and operate before the work ever begins. This informative and accurate preview of the finished product demonstrates where changes need to be made before construction begins. Learn more about our design/build deliverables.


Operator comfort over long periods and their ability to ascertain information quickly are paramount to the mission critical space. We work with leading manufacturers to bring you the best possible furnishings for your control room, whether a standard or custom design. Our offerings include: command consoles, rack mount consoles, ergonomic seating, media storage, monitor walls, workstations, collaborative meeting tables, standard and custom consoles