Polk County Sheriff Department

The Polk County Sheriff Department set out to elevate public safety by connecting all law enforcement, fire and emergency medical service, and transportation agencies via a single, integrated system to facilitate faster response to incidents. From the outset, the Sheriff’s Office benefited from the close collaboration between Critical Space Solutions and Barco. Working in lockstep with Barco, TI CSS was able to quickly demonstrate how the team could plan, design and implement a world-class ECC to significantly enhance their collective decision-making abilities in a crisis. The ECC can facilitate interagency cooperation during a crisis by using the collaboration wall as a command post, displaying data, incident maps and video. Captain Lockwood said of the new system, “Even with a large law enforcement staff, we can’t be everywhere-but with the collaboration wall, we feel like we are.”


​"From the beginning of the installation, through these final finishing touches, the Critical Space team has been on-site numerous times and all CS/TI team members have displayed professionalism, technical expertise and perseverance during even the most confusing and problematic of issues that were discovered."

- Bill Ward, Polk County Sheriff's Office